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WHAT TO DO before you call for service

* Small Leaks: Call 925-680-4343 and schedule a technician to service your solar.

* Large Leak: Turn off pool circulation, wait 30 mins, Turn off solar, Close solar isolation valves, Turn pool circulation back on, Call for service.  Inform Sun Marshall of steps taken.

* Verify that the Solar Isolation Valves (refer to Solar Pool Heating Diagram) are open.

* Verify solar is set to AUTO and the TEMP CONTROL is turned up.  If solar has an AUTO and ON option, ON will keep solar on rain or shine.

* Some Pools have Control Centers, which have solar in them.  Consult Pool Control Manual about how to manage the solar function.

* Verify that No warning lights or Indicators are active.

* Verify that the Filter Pressure increases (cartridge filters 7-11 psi) when solar is turned on, if no solar boost pump is present, otherwise Verify Boost Pump is On.

* Verify the Valve Actuator is not in the OFF position on the rear of valve cover. To set Actuator to correct setting call Sun Marshall and we will talk you through it.

* Pool Water Features, like waterfalls and fountains, cool down pool water.  They should be used on a limited basis when trying to gain solar heat.

* Check the pool Temp reading in the morning and the afternoon when the solar turns offA solar gain should be experienced, based on the time of the year.

* Verify all debris baskets & filters are clean and the pool is at the proper level.

If all the above check out OK, then note all settings, status and reading above and call:

Pool Equipment Problems and Air Bubbles:

Pool Equipment Problems:
* If problems don’t change in any way when the solar is turned on or off, it is unlikely related to the solar.  If we are called out to check a problem and it is not solar related, a standard service rate will be charged, even if no work is actually performed.

* Air Bubbles:  If air bubbles are constant, but do not go away when the solar is off, the same applies as it does to Pool Equipment Problems.

*If Issues change based on the ON or OFF setting of the solar, it is more probable that it is the solar. If it is found to be a solar related problem, installation and manufactures warranties MAY apply. Check website for current pricing.

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