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On-site Service Fees:                           Updated 3/12/20
Below is the on-site cost of service rendered. This does NOT include the travel fee to get to your site.

Age 65 or over and/or customers that would still be under Light Energy Systems warranty are eligible for 5% discount on 'on-site' service fee. Web or Email promotions may also be applicable. Please clarify if any of the following apply to you so we can verify:

Note: Max accumulation of discounts is 15%. No more than a 15% discount will be applied to any service.

A 2 hour arrival time window is customary. No one needs to be home to perform most services as long as there is access to the solar equipment (i.e. no locked gates & no mean animals guarding the path to the Solar equipment).

Services have a 90 day full warranty on service rendered. New parts have 1 year warranty



--------  SOLAR POOL PANELS   --------

1st Pool Panel Leak Repair [Heliocol]

Next Pool Panel Leak Repair(s) [Heliocol]


1st Pool Panel Leak Repair [Non-Heliocol]

Next Pool Panel Leak Repair(s) [Non-Heliocol]


Fafco panels, if leak is less than 3" from header panel CAN NOT be repaired.

1st Pool Pipe Leak Repair

Next Pool Pipe Leak Repair(s)


1st Pool Panel Mounting Repair

Next Pool Panel Mounting Repair(s)


Sensor Repair (if possible).

Sensor Replacement [10k sensor]

Sensor Relocation (per ft)


Switch Actuator Position

Actuator Repair (if possible)

Actuator Replacement


Control Programming [non-SunTouch]

Control Programming [SunTouch]

Control Repair (if possible)

Control Replacement [GL-235 or equal, sensor not included]

Control Replacement [EasyTouch]

Solar System Analysis (Solar Pool)


Diverter Replacement (if available]

2 Way Valve Addition/Replacement

3 Way Valve Addition/Replacement

Check Valve Repair (if possible)

Check Valve Replacement


Boost Pump Replacement

$1,800 (may very by market price)

Pool Vacuum Relief Valve Repair (if possible)

Pool Vacuum Relief Valve Replacement

Skid Plates Installed/Replaced (each)


PVC Piping Installed/Replaced (first ft)

PVC Piping Installed/Replaced (each additional ft)


CPVC Piping Installed/Replaced (first ft)

CPVC Piping Installed/Replaced (each additional ft)


Electrical Conduit Installed/Replaced (first ft, conduit only)

Electrical Conduit Installed/Replaced (each additional ft)

Wire replacement (if needed, per ft of single wire)


First Roof Repair

Additional Roof Repairs


Winterize/Start up Solar

Insulate Roof Vent

Add Pool Drain Valve on Panel (does not include additional pipe)


Remove & Reinstall Panels Heliocol (each)

$300  ($100 removal / $200 reinstall)

Remove & Reinstall Panels Non-Heliocol (each)

$400 ($125 removal / $275 reinstall)

Install Penetration-free Straps (per panel)


Penetration-free straps for new roof construction only, pricing varies based on roof type.

Remount Wind Blown Panels (each - repairs separate charge)


Teach Home Owner How Solar Works on-site

Teach Home Repair Solar w/ Repair Kit (if available)


--------  SOLAR ELECTRIC PANELS  (PV)  --------

Solar Electric (PV) Service Rates 

Removal of PV Panel / with Rail & Wiring / with Micro Inverter or Optimizer (each) *

$65  /  +$25 ($90)  /  +$20 ($110)

ReInstall of PV Panel / with Rail & Wiring / with Micro Inverter or Optimizer (each) *

$75  /  +$45 ($120)  /  +$45 ($165)

* More than 20 will Qualify for a 10% Discount / More than 50 Qualify for an additional 10% Discount


1st PV Panel Repair


Additional PV Panel Repair(s)


1st Insulation Repair


Additional Insulation Repair(s)


1st Ground Fault Service


Additional Ground Fault Service(s)


Warranty Panel Replacement (each panel)


Process Inverter RMA


Inverter Repair (per visit)


Inverter Replacement (labor only, most makes of inverter)

Replacing like for like in size and brand


Inverter Replacement (Parts and Labor)

Replacing with different model or size or shape - INVERTER SOLD SEPARATELY


Micro Inverter / Optimizer Replacement each (Labor Only)

(Roof type and conditions may hinder service  i.e. lite tile, steep roof, etc.)


Battery System Troubleshooting / Repair

Includes 2 visit to site (Labor Only)


Conduit Installed EMT (per ft)


Conduit Installed rigid (per ft)


Solar System Analysis (PV)


--------  DOMESTIC HOT WATER PANELS   --------

Solar Domestic Hot Water Service Rates

Note: prices may vary based on copper prices.

Copper Piping Installed/Replaced (first ft)


Copper Piping Installed/Replaced (each additional ft)


Copper Ball Valve Install/Replacement


Tempering Valve Rebuild


Tempering Valve Replacement


Sunspool Rebuild


DHW Vacuum Relief Valve Repair (if possible)


DHW Vacuum Relief Valve Replacement


DHW Air Valve Replacement


DHW Check Valve Replacement


Solar System Analysis (Thermal/DHW)


Travel Fee:

Travel Fee is based on $3 per mile one way from Vallejo to your site location. Use the map directions just below. Multiply total trip distance by two and that will be very close to the travel fee. Minimum Travel Fee: $30.

Solar Pool Service Rates
(Prices below reflect cash or check payment only.)

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